Jeffrey Cheng

Jeffrey Cheng

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Jeffrey Cheng

Dr. Jeffrey Tao Cheng’s primary research interests are in the area of structure and function relations of normal and pathological ears, as well as damage of the ear and how to repair it for hearing restoration.

Dr. Cheng’s laboratory uses newly developed laser imaging techniques, such as holography, optical coherence tomography, and laser doppler vibrometry, to measure sound-induced vibrations of the middle ear, including the tympanic membrane (eardrum) and the middle ear ossicles, with a nanometer-scale resolution. These measurements greatly improve our knowledge of how the middle ear responds to sound and conducts sound energy into the inner ear for hearing.

Measurements on pathological ears contribute to new views on how to diagnose and reconstruct diseased middle ears. For example, a detailed analysis of full-field tympanic membrane transient motions recorded by high-speed holography (>50,000 frames per second) on pathological ears could benefit diagnoses of middle-ear diseases and help plan for preoperative treatment as well as post-treatment evaluation. 

Dr. Cheng also collaborates with physicians and optical and material science experts to develop and test multimodal otoendoscopy devices for non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of middle and inner ear diseases. He is also working to develop new 3-D printed tissue-engineered materials to repair damaged ears.

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