Professional Development

The Division of Medical Sciences supports students' career exploration and professional development as a key component of their graduate experience.  From participating in student group activities and taking additional courses to building a professional network and exploring internships, there are resources, staff, and faculty to support and guide every student's career path. 

Career & Professional Development Navigator

The Career and Professional Development Navigator is a one-stop service center connecting Harvard bioscience master’s, doctoral, and professional students with resources, events, news, and providers related to skills and professional development. 

Office of Career Services (OCS)

The Office of Career Services assists GSAS students and alumni in preparing for their professional futures. Through individual advising, workshops, guest speakers, and extensive online resources, OCS provides information about career opportunities within and beyond academia, as well as guidance in the processes of self-assessment, career exploration, and the job search. Mock interviews are also available for students at the interview phase of the job search process. 

OCS GSAS Advisers

Advisers work confidentially with GSAS students and alumni on a wide range of career-related issues, from self-assessment and decision-making to specific advice on resume, CV, and cover letter preparation for academic and nonacademic job searches.

Laura Stark Laura Stark Director of Graduate Career Services, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Caroline Wright Caroline Rende Assistant Director of Graduate Career Services, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Firsthand Advisers platform. Connect to career mentoring from fellow alumni.


Harvard Innovation Labs

The Harvard Innovation Labs are an incredibly unique support system for Harvard students and select alumni to help them advance in their quest to explore the world of game-changing innovation and entrepreneurship.  They offer access to a network of highly curated advisors and mentors, peer collaboration and interaction, and comprehensive resource and programming support.

PhD Pathfinder Couse (MED-SCI 316QC)

Offered Fall and Spring Term. Students are required to attend all five sessions for course credit.

In this course, Ph.D. Pathfinder, students will learn about the many career paths available to people with advanced degrees in biomedical research including academia, biotech, patent law, science writing/publishing, consulting/business, education, and science policy/regulation. Students will also learn how to find opportunities on and off campus to take the next step in their career plans.

A Ph.D. education provides students with fundamental knowledge about the principles and practice of the scientific method and promotes development of problem-solving skills in ways that are quite useful for many different professions. Students will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals representing each of these paths, to learn about strategies for career development, curriculum enrichment, and networking opportunities that will make them competitive for their career of choice.

The course is open to all Ph.D. students interested in learning about the range of career options available to biomedical Ph.Ds. The course includes talks, didactic sessions, workshops, and networking events to promote interactions between students and invited speakers. There will be a special emphasis on helping students with their own skill self-assessment to assist in career and professional development. After each session there will be a small networking reception for both the students and lecturers.

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