Health and Wellness

Health Care Resources

red and green applesHarvard University Student Health Program 
DMS students are enrolled in the Harvard Student Health Program (HUSHP). Students enrolled in a comparable health insurance plan may be eligible to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan.  View our page with a Summary of Student Health Benefits. (Smith Campus Center, 1st Floor |  75 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge |    (617) 495-2008)


Dental Services
GSAS students and their dependents may enroll in an optional Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Dental Blue plan. Students who do not enroll in a dental plan may choose to receive care on a fee-for-service basis through Harvard Dental Services or the Harvard School of Dental Medicine Dental Center.

taking a temperatureHUHS Medical & Mental Health Urgent Care
We provide advice and treatment for urgent health problems, both physical and emotional, that require prompt attention but are not life threatening emergencies. If a problem seems life-threatening, please call 911 immediately. (Smith Campus Center, 3rd Floor | 75 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA | (617) 495-5711)

Additional Health Care Resources

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Counselsmith campus centering and Mental Health Services (CAHMS) A no-cost support service that works collaboratively across the University to support registered students who are experiencing some measure of distress in their lives. Students can access a licensed counselor by phone, 24/7, every day of the year with the CAMHS Cares line, 617-495-2042.

Farrell photoGSAS Student Services Office
Danielle assists students having academic or personal difficulties to navigate and connect with GSAS, Harvard, and local resources. Danielle provides advice and ongoing support, and makes referrals to other services as necessary. Danielle Farrell, Director of Student Services (B2, GSAS Student Center | 617-495-5005 |

office for gender equityOffice for Gender Equity 
Unite into one organization resources that were previously located within the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR) and the Title IX Office. Provides diverse resources, programming, and supports related to the prevention and disclosure of sexual assault and misconduct on campus. Among its services will be prevention education, crisis counseling and support, and provisions for incident disclosure and filing of formal complaints

we are here for you​​​Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (OSAPR)
OSAPR is a confidential space open to the entire Harvard community where people can process and understand their experiences and feel empowered to make the choice best suited to their needs. Every staff member is a certified rape-crisis counselor, committed to the just and compassionate treatment of survivors and their friends, peers, significant others, and allies. 

ixGSAS Title IX Office
Title IX Coordinators address issues of sexual and gender-based harassment and work together to carry out the University’s commitment to provide a positive learning, teaching, and working environment for the entire community. As the two coordinators working within GSAS.

harvard chaplainsHarvard Chaplains
A professional community of more than thirty chaplains, represent many of the world’s religious, spiritual, and ethical traditions, and share a collective commitment to serving the spiritual needs of the students, faculty, and staff of Harvard University. 

ombuds office treeHMS Ombuds Office
The Ombuds Office provides informal, impartial, confidential and independent assistance to members of the community in managing or resolving issues affecting their work or academics.

jc millerAccessible Education Office
The Accessible Education Office (AEO) partners with FAS students with visible and invisible disabilities to identify barriers and implement plans for access. Through collaboration with the campus community, we foster an environment of equity and inclusion. J.C. Miller, Assistant Director (1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Smith Campus Center- Fourth Floor | Cambridge MA 02138 |(617)496-8707 | )

Academic Resource CenterAcademic Resource Center
The ARC is committed to empowering students to reach their full academic potential in an inclusive and equitable academic environment. The ARC supports students in developing reading strategies, time management skills, and metacognitive approaches to learning. Students will have access to consultations, workshops, academic coaching, peer tutoring, and skills-based resources. (1414 Massachusetts Avenue, Floor 3R Cambridge, MA, 02138 |  617-495-5734 |

meditation imageCenter for Wellness and Health Promotion
Offers a wide range of workshops, services, and classes available to all Harvard community members. Schedule a massage or acupuncture appointment; try one of our exercise, meditation, or yoga classes. There are always new ways to enhance your own wellbeing.

MAC fitnessFitness
GSAS students can access fitness programs and facilities to exercise, manage stress, and stay healthy. This includes the Vanderbilt Hall Athletic Facility at Longwood.


therapy dogCountway Library Therapy Dogs
Feeling stressed? Come relax with one of our trained therapy dogs. Countway Cuddles is a therapy dog program that takes place on the 1st floor of the library, near the circulation desk.
Sometimes the dogs need to take a break or cancel, so be sure to check online regularly.

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Additional Readings and Videos

CPR: Courage, Presence and Resilience
CPR for Mental Wellbeing is a workshop series that Tara Cousineau PhD presents at Harvard University's Counseling and Mental Health Center. She offers these vids (5-15 minutes) as resiliency tools that may serve you in stressful and disruptive times.

Regulating Emotions & Building Resiliency in the Face of a Pandemic
The series consists of four 20-minute videos by Dr. Luana Marques, an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School's Department of Psychiatry and clinical researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Compilation of Mindfulness Resources for Students
Compiled by Dr. Neena Haider and Dr. Madhvi Venkatesh