Dissertation Defense Process 2018-2019

All of the following Defense forms must be submitted to DMS four weeks prior to your defense via email or in person (see degree application for specific deadlines and instructions)

Before scheduling the defense and submitting any of the forms, a DAC report stating the student has the permission to write the dissertation must be on file in the Division Office and students must attend a dissertation packet meeting.



Helpful Defense Process Handouts


Defense Preparation Checklists:


Stipend and Health Insurance Information


DMS Academic Guidelines 2018-2019 - Dissertation Defense Related Excerpt


Defense Preparation Information


Final Dissertation Submission Steps


  Mandatory Surveys- Confirmation Code must be submitted with dissertation


Thesis Writing Tips – from DMS Alumni


Dissertation Submission Links

ETD @ Harvard – final dissertation submission

Acme Binding - company Harvard uses to bind dissertations


Harvard University Links

FAS Registrar Degree Information

The Form of the PhD Dissertation

GSAS Dissertation Page

GSAS Center for Writing & Communicating Ideas

Office of Scholarly Communication

ORCID Information

Harvard Commencement Information

Harvard University Student Health Program

Degree Dates & Deadlines

November 13, 2018


August 10, 2018
Dissertation Submission: September 11* OR September 12*, 2018


*Please refer to the November degree timeline on the GSAS website or consult Tatevik Holmgren to determine which deadline pertains to you.

March 12, 2019


December 14, 2018
Dissertation Submission: January 18, 2019

May 30, 2019


April 1, 2019
Dissertation Submission:
February 1, 2019 (May degree without spring tuition and insurance coverage)

May 17, 2019



May 30, 2019

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