Academic Resource Center
The ARC helps create conditions for optimizing student learning by providing a range of support services that draw on research in the behavioral and learning sciences. Students have access to academic coaching, accountability sessions, peer tutoring, ESL peer conversations, and workshops. Academic coaches work with students to help them bring out their academic best. Through one-on-one sessions, accountability groups and hours, and group workshops, academic coaches introduce students to techniques for managing time, reading strategically, studying effectively, building better habits, and much more. They also assist students with prioritizing goals, creating accountability structures, customizing their learning environment, connecting with instructional staff, and finding the resources they need.

Accessible Education Office
The Accessible Education Office (AEO) partners with FAS students with visible and invisible disabilities to identify barriers and implement plans for access. Through collaboration with the campus community, we foster an environment of equity and inclusion.

English Language Proficiency
International students looking to develop their English language proficiency or understand the academic culture and Harvard can find support through GSAS and our campus partners.

GSAS Fellowship and Writing Center
The Fellowships & Writing Center (FWC) helps GSAS students to heighten the impact of their research. At the FWC, students can work with specialists on their writing and presentational skills, whether in the context of composing a fellowship proposal, working on a dissertation chapter, preparing an article for publication, or refining a conference presentation. Students can come to the FWC for individual consultations, peer workshops, and other programming, including the Writing Oasis, which connects you with small writing groups that meet weekly and are designed to provide community and accountability.