John D. E. Gabrieli

John D. E. Gabrieli

Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
John Gabrieli

John Gabrieli's goal is to understand the organization of memory, thought, and emotion in the human brain. By combining brain imaging with behavioral tests, he studies the neural basis of these abilities in human subjects. In collaboration with clinical colleagues, Gabrieli also seeks to use brain imaging to better understand, diagnose. and select treatments for neurological and psychiatric diseases. 

One important research theme is the neural basis of learning in children. Gabrieli and colleagues have recently found structural differences in the brains of young children who are at risk for reading difficulties. Their findings suggest that it may be possible to target at-risk children for early intervention rather than waiting until they are already struggling to read. In another recent study. they have shown that adults and children with dyslexia show altered patterns of activity in many brain regions, an effect that may provide new insights into the fundamental cause of this condition. Gabrieli is also interested in the development of cognitive skills in school-age children. and in identifying ways that neuroscience could help improve educational outcomes. 

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