Career Development

PiN is committed to helping each student find and succeed at a career path that satisfies the student.  The Program maintains an active listing of a wide variety of resources for current students.


There are a variety of resources available to students to explore careers:


Careers in Neuroscience Neurobiology 310qc. Careers in Neuroscience
David Ginty
Offered biennially; next offered Spring 2017

This course provides graduate students in the Program in Neuroscience with early exposure to the opportunities and challenges associated with a variety of rewarding careers in the field of neuroscience, as well essential steps along the path towards those careers. Academic career topics will include postdoctoral training, obtaining and starting independent faculty positions, grant writing and reviewing, and opportunities for research and teaching positions. Other topics will include career opportunities in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, patent law, journal editing/science writing, science policy, and consulting. One main topic will be covered at each class meeting, and one or more invited discussion leaders with expertise in the topic will participate in the class. Discussion leaders will include Harvard faculty members as well as outside experts.

The course is required for all third-year PiN students. To limit class size for optimal discussion (25 or fewer enrollees), enrollment is restricted to graduate students in their third year and beyond, and priority will be given to PiN students. The class meetings are open only to those who take the course for credit. A grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory will be based on attendance.

Prerequisite: Limited to PiN students.
.  David Ginty (Associate Director of PiN) offers a biennial course that explores the pragmatic, real-world aspects of careers in academic research, biotech, patent law, consulting, education, etc.  Successful people from each field are brought in to discuss what students really want to know:  What would the work entail?  What are the salary ranges?  What would my career options be if I took this option?  What would my work/life balance be like?  How do I get into this field? 


DMS PATHS Program.  The Division of Medical Science hosts the PATHS program which allows and funds student groups to explore various career options for Ph.D.s in the life sciences.


Harvard Office of Career Services.  The Office of Career Services has ample resources for GSAS students, including resources both for academic and nonacademic career choices.  OCS regularly holds seminars in how to write a CV, how to interview, how to network, etc.


Alumni networking.  PiN maintains an alumni directory and encourages current students to contact alumni to ask about their choice of careers.


Career and Professional Development Navigator

The Career and Professional Development Navigator is a one-stop service center connecting Harvard bioscience master’s, doctoral and professional students with resources, events, news, and providers related to skills and professional development.  

PiN alums Juliette Han (’12), Adriana Eisner (’13), and Alex Murphy (’15) at McKinsey & Co.


PiN alums and faculty members Michael Do and Bernardo Sabatini


PiN alum Alexandra Smolyanskaya and PiN faculty member Rick Born

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