Neuroscience Faculty - Alphabetical List


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Faculty Name Research Summary
Mark AlbersPhysiological Function and the Pathogenic Actions of Genes Implicated in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Mark AndermannMotivational influences on cortical networks underlying attention, learning and memory of sensory cues
Matthew AndersonCellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Epilepsy, Autism, and Postnatal Circuit Development
Paola ArlottaInvestigation of the molecular mechanisms governing development and reprogramming of neuronal subtypes in the mammalian cerebral cortex.
John AssadVisual Processing in Primates
Brian BacskaiOptical imaging in Alzheimer’s disease
Bruce BeanNeuronal excitability and ion channel pharmacology
Francine BenesNeural Circuitry in Schizophrenia
Larry BenowitzAxonal development and reorganization
Sabina BerrettaExtracellular matrix/neuron/glia interactions in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Vadim BolshakovMechanisms of Central Synaptic Transmission
Richard BornNeural Circuitry of Primate Visual Cortex
Xandra BreakefieldNeurogenetics of Human Disease
Emery BrownNeural Signal Processing and Mechanisms of General Anesthesia
Joshua BuckholtzNeuroscience and Genetics of Human Variation in Reward and Self-Control
Randy BucknerCognitive Neuroscience and Human Brain Genomics
Barak CaineBehavioral Pharmacology of Stimulant Drugs and Brain Dopamine Systems
William CarlezonGene Expression in the Brain and Motivated Behavior
Sydney CashMulti-modal, multiscalar studies of human neurophysiology from single neurons to neuronal ensembles.
Constance CepkoDevelopment, degeneration, and circuitry of the vertebrate retina
Elena ChartoffMolecular mechanisms of reward-related behavior
Chinfei ChenSynaptic Plasticity in the CNS
Dong Feng ChenNeural differentiation, regeneration and stem cell regulation in the brain and eye
Zheng-Yi ChenDevelopment, Function, and Disease State of the Inner Ear
E. Antonio ChioccaThe biology and experimental therapeutics of malignant brain tumors
David ClaphamPhysiology, with an emphasis on ion channels, signal transduction, and imaging
Jonathan CohenLigand-Gated Ion Channels: Structure and Function
David CoreyIon Channels in Neural Cell Membranes
Gabriel CorfasMolecular Basis of Neuron Glia Interactions
Christopher CowanBehavioral and synaptic plasticity in neuropsychiatric disorders; mechanisms of axon guidance and synapse elimination in autism
David CoxBiological and computational underpinnings of visual processing
Charles CzeislerNeurobiology of the Human Circadian Pacemaker
Sandeep Robert DattaFunctional Characterization of Neural Circuits
Benjamin de BivortCharacterizing the molecular, neural circuit and ecological underpinnings of behavioral diversity in fruit flies.
Michael DoA Biophysical Approach to System Function
Catherine DulacOlfactory and Vomeronasal Systems Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology
Susan DymeckiDevelopmental Neurobiology and Genetics
Florian EngertSynaptic Plasticity
Elizabeth EngleGenetic disorders of axon growth and guidance
Emad EskandarRole of the Basal Ganglia in Learning and Motivation
Michela FagioliniExperience-Dependent Neuronal Circuit Maturation and Plasticity
Mel FeanyGenetics of neurodegenerative disease
John FlanaganCell-Cell Signaling in Neural Development
Nadine GaabIdentification of pre-markers of developmental dyslexia (DD) in the pre-reading and infant brain and the identification of the underlying neural mechanism of comorbidity of DD and ADHD.
Rachelle GaudetStructural Biology of Signaling and Transport Through Biological Membranes
David GintyThe development, organization, and functions of sensory neurons that mediate touch.
Lisa GoodrichMolecular genetic dissection of auditory circuit assembly and inner ear morphogenesis
Jesse GrayHow transcriptional networks rewire neuronal circuits
Michael E. GreenbergSignaling networks that regulate synapse development
Anna GrekaCalcium signaling in health and disease
Chenghua GuThe molecular mechanisms of how neural and vascular networks are coordinately developed
Christopher HarveyNeural circuits underlying cognitive behaviors in mice
Corey HarwellCellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Cortical Circuit Assembly
Zhigang He Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Axon Guidance and Regeneration
Maxwell HeimanGenetics of neuronal morphogenesis and connectivity in C. elegans
Takao HenschCritical Period Mechanisms of Experience-Dependent Brain Development
Jeffrey HoltSensory Transduction in Hair Cells of the Mammalian Inner Ear
Bradley HymanAlzheimer’s Disease Research
Ole IsacsonNeuroprotection and Neuronal Repair in Neurodegenerative Disease
Frances JensenAge-Dependent Mechanisms of Perinatal Brain Injury
Pascal KaeserArchitecture and plasticity of neurotransmitter release sites
Joshua KaplanGenetic analysis of synaptic transmission
Raymond KelleherCognition and Cognitive Disorders; the Role of Translational Regulation
Kwang-Soo KimMolecular Mechanisms of Catecholaminergic-specific Gene Regulation
Isaac KohaneIntegrative genomics of cancer and development
Edward KravitzBehavioral genetic studies of aggression in Drosophila
Gabriel KreimanVisual object recognition: computational models and neurophysiological mechanisms
Sam KunesNervous System Construction and Function
Louis KunkelNeurogenetics of Disease
Lois LampsonImmunobiology of the Nervous System and its Tumors
Matt LaVoieNeurobiology and protein biochemistry underlying Parkinson’s disease.
Maria LehtinenNeural stem cells and disease
Stephen LiberlesMolecular Biology of Instinctive Animal Behavior
Jeff LichtmanStudies of synaptic circuitry and their rearrangements
Margaret LivingstoneVisual perception, object recognition, higher cognitive functions, vision and art
Eng LoMechanisms of Cell Death in Stroke and Trauma
Mary LoekenMolecular Regulation of Neural Tube Development
Bradford LowellThe neural basis for hunger
Kun Ping LuMolecular mechanisms and treatments of Alzheimer's disease and cancer
Qiufu MaThe coding of pain versus itch
Jeffrey MacklisNeo-Cortical Development and Cellular Transplantation
Joseph MajzoubHypothalamic gene function and regulation
Clint MakinoPhysiological Studies of Phototransduction and Light Adaptation
Eleftheria Maratos-FlierHypothalamic regulation of central and systemic function related to energy balance
Richard MaslandFunctional Organization of the Retina
Venkatesh MurthyNeural circuits mediating olfactory processing in mammals
Charles NelsonCognitive Neuroscience, Primarily Memory and Face Processing
Bence ÖlveczkyNeurobiology of Motor Control
David PaulIntercellular Communication
Xianhua PiaoCell-extracellular matrix interaction in brain development and malformation
Diego PizzagalliNeuroscience of human emotions and emotional disorders
Daniel PolleyDevelopment and Plasticity of Auditory Cortex
Scott PomeroyGrowth Factor Regulation of Neural Development and Oncogenesis
Samuel RabkinHSV Vectors for Cancer Therapy
Elio RaviolaFunctional Wiring of the Rabbit Retina, Control of Postnatal Development
Wade RegehrSynaptic Transmission and Dendritic Processing
Edwin RobertsonHuman Memory Processing and Brain State
Dragana RoguljaThe genetic and neural basis of sleep in Drosophila
Paul Rosenberg glutamate transporters, cell death, sleep/wake regulation
Uwe RudolphGenetic dissection of inhibitory modulation in the central nervous system
Bernardo SabatiniCellular and synaptic mechanisms of learning and development
Amar SahayAdult hippocampal neurogenesis, cognition and affective behaviors
Mustafa SahinCellular Mechanism(s) of Axon Guidance
Aravinthan SamuelSensory and Behavioral Neuroscience
Joshua SanesSynapse Formation
Clifford SaperHypothalamic circuitry controlling sleep and circadian rhythms
Clemens ScherzerTranslational Genomics of Parkinson’s Disease: Cause, Cures, Diagnostics
Alexander SchierDevelopmental Genetics and Neurobiology
Thomas SchwarzGenetics of Neuronal Cell Biology
Rosalind SegalNeurotrophic factors in development: Functions and mechanisms of action
Dennis SelkoeMolecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's and Parkinsons Diseases
Jie ShenMolecular Basis of Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinson’s Disease
Beth StevensNeuron-Glia Interactions During Development & Disease; Synapse Development & Plasticity; Neuro-Immune Interactions
Robert StickgoldRole of sleep in memory and emotional processing in healthy subjects, schizophrenia, autism, and PTSD
Gary StrichartzMolecular Pharmacology of Excitable Membranes
Rudolph TanziGenetic and Molecular studies of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Naoshige UchidaNeuronal Mechanisms and Animal Behavior
Synapse formation and refinement in the mammalian brain
David Van VactorNeuronal Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis
Christopher WalshMolecular Genetics of Cerebral Cortical Development
Charles WeitzMolecular Biology of Mammalian Circadian Clocks
Rachel WilsonMechanisms of Sensory Processing
Michael WolfeMolecular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Therapeutic Approaches
Clifford WoolfAdaptive and maladaptive plasticity in sensory and motor systems
Bruce YanknerMolecular Genetics of Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders
Gary YellenNeuronal metabolism and excitability; Fluorescent biosensor imaging; K-ATP channels and anti-epilepsy mechanisms
Junying YuanMechanisms of Programmed Cell Death
Yun ZhangMolecular Genetics of Neuroscience