LHB Timeline and Courses

The LHB curriculum does not replicate the pre-clinical coursework taken by medical students, but rather focuses on knowledge and concepts of particular use to biomedical investigators. There are three full semester courses that are required, as well as two required quarter courses. In addition to the above courses, at least one semester long course (or its equivalent in quarter and nanocourses) is required as an elective. These will be chosen in consultation with an LHB Program Advisor to allow students to broaden their exposure to human biology and study selected topics in greater depth. Electives include a subset of courses currently available to medical and graduate students, along with courses designed for LHB students. Please visit our electives page to see a list of offered electives.

In parallel with formal courses, LHB students have structured opportunities to learn about the culture of medicine and explore roles for basic scientists in clinical settings. Students may chose between two courses or take bother courses. The two courses are, the Mentored Clinical Casebook Course (MCCB) or the Disease-Centered Tutorial and Clinic. Both courses are limited to LHB students.

G1 Fall

G1 HILS Students may apply to LHB

Welcome Dinner for new and returning students

Grad coursework and lab rotations
G1 J-Term

HBTM 301qc: "Case Studies in Human Biology and Translational Medicine"

Student-Faculty Retreat
G1 Spring

BCMP/MCB 234: "Cellular Metabolism and Human Disease"

HBTM 200 (HST035): "Pathology and Mechanisms of Disease"

Grad coursework/rotations

G2 Fall

HBTM 235: "Physiology and Pathophysiology"

Preliminary qualifying exam for most graduate students
G2 J-Term

BCMP 301qc: "Translational Pharmacology"

Student-Faculty Retreat
G2 Spring

Clinical courses: "Mentored Clinical Casebook"
"Disease-Centerned Tutorial Clinics"

Electives are courses directly relevant to human biology and disease, but are not redundant with the thesis work. One semester course equivalent is required as an elective(s). A wide range of courses are accepted. Electives can be semester-long courses, nanocourses, or quarter courses. See the list of electives elsewhere on this website.

All LHB students will also attend the monthly Dinner Series and Leder/MD-PhD Grand Rounds throughout their 2 years in the program. It is also strongly encouraged they continue to attend these activities until they complete the program. Additional extracurricular activities will be offered as well.

NOTE: For students who are in the HILS programs where their programmatic requirements conflict with the normal semester for taking LHB required courses, reasonable accommodations can be made on an individual basis.