Students who are enrolled in one of the Harvard Life Sciences (HILS) graduate programs may choose to apply to LHB. All G1 students interested in applying at this time will be asked to provide an essay describing their motivation to work in an area related to human disease. Students must be in good standing in their graduate program, as ascertained by the Admissions Committee through direct communication with each HILS Program head. Each applicant will be interviewed by members of the Admissions Committee, including at least one of the Program Directors. Applicants to the PhD Program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) may indicate their interest in LHB at the time of their application for admission to BBS by checking the box labeled "Human Biology and Disease" on their application. This is not a binding commitment, nor is it exclusive as an applicant may also check off other areas of interest at this time. Formal admission to LHB occurs during November of Year 1 in graduate school (i.e. the G1 year).

Application for 2016

The 2016 Application is available HERE. We are having two info sessions to provide and overview of the Progrman and answer any questions. One will be held Tuesday, October 4, from 12-1 in NRB 254 (with lunch), and one on Friday, October 7, from 10:45-11:15 in NRB 350. Program directors and current students will be present. The application is due by Nov. 14, and interviews will be conducted between Nov. 17-23, with decisions being made shortly thereafter. A dinner to welcome new students will be scheduled for the first week in December and the first course (required) will begin in the first week in January. Please schedule your holiday travel accordingly.