Undergraduate Summer Program

2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Program attendees

The Immunology Graduate Program at Harvard Medical School is pleased to announce our 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Program, which will run from Monday, June 8, 2020 - Thursday, August 13, 2020. Our 10 week summer internship program incorporates laboratory research, faculty lectures, and workshops led by current graduate students. Summer students will be provided a stipend.


Laboratory Research


Students will be matched with a Harvard Immunology Graduate Program faculty member to participate in the ongoing research of the laboratory. At the end of the summer, students will present their research at a poster session for their peers and the students and faculty of the Immunology Graduate Program.


Lectures & Workshops


The faculty Directors of the Immunology summer program are Dr. Stephanie Dougan and Dr. Roni Nowarski. Weekly lectures by various program faculty will expose students to the areas of current research in immunology, emphasizing the contribution of the immune system to both the cause and treatment of many human diseases.


Current PhD students in the Immunology Program serve as teaching assistants for the course. TAs will give lectures providing a basic immunology overview to assist students’ understanding of their summer research project and expose them to the diverse topics encompassed by immunology. TAs will also explain common immunological laboratory techniques. Finally, TAs will be available to answer questions about the PhD process – from applying to graduate school to life as a full-time student researcher.


Selection Criteria


Students will be chosen based on undergraduate background, interest in studying life sciences at the graduate level, and letters of reference. Preference will be given to students in their sophomore or junior year. Students from colleges where immunology is not taught, where undergraduate research opportunities are not abundant, and from underrepresented minority groups are especially encouraged to apply.




Applicants must be eligible for employment in the US, with at least one year of undergraduate study remaining.  


Please note that the Program is unable to assist with travel, housing arrangements, or visas for students.

Application Information

Applications are now open for the summer of 2020. To apply Click here.


Admissions Deadline: January 24, 2020


Any admissions materials including letters of recommendation can be sent to:
Megan Eruzione

Modell Center, Room 100D

210 Longwood Ave.

Boston, MA 02115




Faculty Directors

Stephanie Dougan, Ph.D.



Roni Nowarski, Ph.D.




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