Immunology Faculty Member - Roni Nowarski

Roni Nowarski

Assistant Professor

Evergrande Center for Immunologic Diseases
Building for Transformative Medicine, Room 9016AA
60 Fenwood Road
Boston, MA 02115
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Tissue regulation of immunity and inflammation

Our laboratory studies the crosstalk between tissue and immune cells and the principles governing tissue regulation of immunity and inflammation. The questions we pursue are grounded in understanding the interplay between tissue physiology and the innate immune system, as a central axis controlling homeostasis and disease. Using advanced mouse models and imaging platforms, we strive to decipher the complex immunological crosstalk and immunoregulatory pathways controlling protective and pathological inflammation. We focus on the role of non-immune cells, including epithelial, stromal and vascular cells, in modulation of the core capabilities of immune cells and assembly of immunoregulatory networks that shape inflammatory signaling within tissues.

Last Update: 10/30/2018


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Elinav, E., R. Nowarski, C. A. Thaiss, B. Hu, C. Jin, and R. A. Flavell. 2013. Inflammation-induced cancer: crosstalk between tumours, immune cells and microorganisms. Nature reviews. Cancer 13: 759-771.

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