Immunology Faculty Member - David Scadden, MD

David Scadden, MD

Gerald and Darlene Jordan Professor of Medicine, Harvard University

Harvard University
Co-Director, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Gerald and Darlene Jordan Professor of Medicine
7 Divinity Avenue, Sherman Fairchild Building
Cambridge, MA 02138

Massachusetts General Hospital
Director, MGH Center for Regenerative Medicine
Chief, Hematologic Malignancies, MGH Cancer Center
185 Cambridge Street, CPZN # 4265A
Boston, MA 02114

Tel: 617-726-5615
Fax: 617-724-2662

The Scadden laboratory focuses on stem cell interactions with their niche. Stem cell function is governed by input from local and systemic environments that determine how the stem cell pool contributes to the basic physiologic processes of tissue growth, maintenance and repair. Disturbance of the interaction between stem and niche cells can change the persistence of stem cells or distort their ordered differentiation and result in neoplasia. We study the hematopoietic system in mouse and man to define the nature of the stem cell – niche relationship and how it may be manipulated to alter the outcome of hematologic disease.

Last Update: 7/24/2014


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