Immunology Faculty Member - Jean-Pierre Kinet, MD

Jean-Pierre Kinet, MD

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 617-667-1324
Fax: 617-667-3520

Our laboratory is interested in two separate but related questions:

The role of mast cells and their receptors in inflammation. The mechanisms of calcium mobilization in cells of the immune system, including mast cells, and the biological consequences of the calcium signals. The laboratory is analyzing these questions by combining a variety of approaches including molecular biology and genetics, biochemistry and cell biology. Research in my laboratory led to the identification of CRACM1/Ora 1 as an essential protein for store-operated Ca2+ influx and as a component of the CRAC channel. Subsequent studies have shown that CRACM1 forms multimeric assemblies that bind STIM1, an ER Ca2+ sensor, and that acidic residues in the transmembrane and extracellular domains of CRACM1 contribute to the ionic selectivity of the CRAC-channel pore. Following these studies our laboratory has embarked in the identifications of other novel channels in cells of the immune system. These studies are currently ongoing.

Last Update: 7/16/2014


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