Immunology Faculty Member - Vicki Kelley, PhD

Vicki Kelley, PhD

Brigham & Women's Hospital
Harvard Institutes of Medicine
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 2115
Tel: 617-525-5915
Fax: 617-525-5830

My laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms of innate immunity and inflammation leading to autoimmune disease. More specifically, we are investigating the attack mechanisms instrumental in targeted tissues for autoimmune destruction. Conversely, we probe for the barriers that protect these tissues from auto-destruction. Our penultimate goal is to identify the cells and molecules instrumental in inciting and promoting autoimmune tissue damage. The final goal is to construct a therapeutic strategy to block autoimmune tissue destruction. Our concept is that destructive inflammation is the consequence of defective repair mechanisms. We are probing for the triggers that incite destructive inflammation. We use unique mutant strains including transgenic, knock-outs on lupus-susceptible strains and gene transfer strategies to test the importance of a selected molecule in innate immunity and auto-destructive processes.

Our current projects include: 1) CSF-1-dependent macrophage mediated and parenchymal cell mediated kidney self-repair mechanisms, 2) CSF-1 as a biomarker and therapeutic target for cutaneous and systemic lupus, 3) Macrophage dependent mechanisms of photosensitive trigger autoimmune skin and kidney disease, and 4) Programmed death ligand 1 gene regulation of macrophage mediated myocarditis. Our future goals include novel strategies identify and deliver therapeutics to halt autoimmune tissue damage and provide an enduring barrier to preserve tissue function.

Last Update: 7/16/2014


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