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2018 Student Talks

  • Jeffrey Davis – G7 – Melton Lab
    "Metabolic Profiling of Stem Cell-derived β Cells Reveals a Bottleneck in Glucose Utilization and Insulin Secretion Response"
  • Kate Harding – G4 – White Lab
    "Killing time: investigating stem cell death and quiescence in Drosophila"
  • Kaia Mattioli – G5 – Rinn Lab
    "High-throughput functional analysis of lncRNA core promoters elucidates rules governing tissue specificity"
  • Pierce Ogden – G5 – Church Lab
    "Systematic Functional Characterization of the AAV2 Capsid"
  • Chiara Ricci-Tam – G5 – Springer Lab
    "Yeast: an old model for new systems"
  • Manav Gupta – G4 – Kim Lab
    "BRG1 - The BAFfling problem in lung cancer"
  • Yu Wang – G6 - Church Lab
    "A journey from 'not working' to 'working': development of highly multiplexed in situ"
  • Sunny Hajnalka Nyitra – G7 – Kaeser Lab
    "ELKS1 captures Rab6-marked vesicle cargo at presynaptic nerve terminals"


2018 Student Retreat

September 9-11, 2018

Provincetown Inn

Provincetown, MA


Keynote Speaker:

Kenna Mills Shaw, PhD


Award Recipients


Alex Toker, PhD



Fred Winston, PhD



Danny Gonzalez and Anne O'Shea


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