Outstanding Faculty

The BBS faculty is comprised of world-class scientific leaders cutting across numerous disciplines to fuel discovery and advance the boundaries of knowledge.  What you will experience in BBS is a set of faculty who, simply put, love science. Faculty who appreciate what it means to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Faculty who understand that to be a great scientist you need to learn from other successful scientists, thus our faculty are present, accessible, and engaged. BBS faculty make it happen– from the classroom to the bench to the scientific community at-large. They are committed to discovery, teaching, and mentorship.


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photo credit: Colaiácovo Lab


Current Faculty: 340

Men: 252 (73%)

Women: 88 (27%)


Current Students: 364

Men: 183 (50%)

Women: 181 (50%)


Underrepresented Minority: 53 (15%)


Domestic: 278 (76%)

International: 76 (24%)


PhD: 341 (94%)

MD-PhD: 23 (6%)


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